Monday, January 20, 2014

Flu Vaccination Are Encourage

As influenza virus activity increases in Kansas, health officials are encouraging all 6 months old and older to be vaccinated especially those who haven't gone yet. According to Harvey County of Health Dept. director Lynette Reddington that Kansas is now in high zone state with an increase level of influenza found. Reddington highlighted the importance of vaccination. Health department initiated in giving this flu vaccinations. The schedule of these flu vaccination started at 8am-5pm from Monday, Tuesday, and Friday; 11:30am-5pm Thursday and 8am-6pm in Wednesday. 
As of this Monday, the clinic is still closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday but open for the coming days with the usual hour of vaccination. At Walton fire station, the flu clinic schedule starts from 6:30-7:30pm. Usually, the price of flu vaccination is around $30 but Redington also added that those patients who don't have any insurance or experience difficulty in paying the vaccination; the clinic health staff assure to work this out. She expected that everyone must be vaccinated. Redington stated that those patient that haven't undergone vaccination are still susceptible with HINI virus as what been observe. Flu season already the marred by this 2009 re-emergence H1N1 strain as dominating virus.

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  1. The flu kills! And, this year is worse than ever!
    Thanks for letting people know how important vaccination is in controlling another epidemic influenza season. My kids and I were the first in line to get our flu shots at the local WinDixie in our town. Have you had your flu shot yet?